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New from the start of 2023, YOSHOKIGOI Grubbenvorst (NL), YOSHIKIGOI Poland and KIYOMIZU LIFE STAGE KOI FOOD have entered into an exclusive co-operative production and marketing agreement for their koi foods.

This makes sense because the distribution of our koi food to the end user is not a core activity of YOSHIKIGOI and over the years, the growth in sales of our koi food has made it impractical for us to try and manage this in house.

For KIYOMIZU, the YOSHIKIGOI koi food is an interesting addition to its current range as it now allows KIYOMIZU to provide a quality product for smaller koi with a proven formulation which is optimised for this specific stage in a koi’s life.

YOSHIKIGOI KOI Food is now fully integrated and rebranded under the KIYOMIZU food program, and the sales and distribution of YOSHIKIGOI koi food will now be handled by KIYOMIZU sales outlets.

As a result, there is now a new KIYOMIZU 3mm (JUVENILE) koi food, (based on the internationally award winning YOSHIKIGOI food formula, Exclusive to KIYOMIZU, and using Yoshikgoi Koi Food’s proven formula, this new 3mm food has been further enhanced by addition of a few additives to make it fit perfectly into the KIYOMIZU LIFE STAGE FOOD program.

From today, alongside the 4.5 mm (JUNIOR), 6.0 mm (ADULT), and the 8.0 mm (JUMBO), the new 3.0 mm (JUVENILE) is available through your local KIYOMIZU stockists. For further questions or Trade enquiries, please contact Jos Aben (YOSHIKIGOI), Rene Kruter (KIYOMIZU) or Jeroen van Stokkom (VIVANI ANACP).





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