Life stage koi food


A careful blend of Japanese tradition and Western technology
Upgrade your koi with the new koi food concept



  The Koi Hobby is developing constantly due to improved knowledge about food, water quality and pond design. Over the last few decades, we have created growth food, color food, health food, winter food, extra growth, extra color, supreme health, etc. It turns out that Koi need a bit of everything and we learned that it is important not to feed them too much of anything!  

  For our other pets it has become common practice to feed special food to the young animals (puppies, kittens, bunnies, etc.) and then to give them different food when they are adults and then to take  extra special care of senior pets. This is no different for koi.

  Kiyomizu has created their formulas for the three life stages of Koi to give them exactly what they need during each, and most of all.

  We avoid giving them excessive amounts of specific ingredients that will do more harm than good. It will do more harm than good. 





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